GuildMag issue #6

For a long while during the months of December and January, ArenaNet has been rather quiet on the Guild Wars 2 front. Now, we've started to see a few things that are hidden behind the curtain, both for Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2. This issue is all about mysterious secrets which we would like to unveil to our readers. These opening changes to Guild Wars are just a precursor to further secrets to be revealed at PAX East, and further into the future. Of course we also have our usual articles like player interviews, fan fiction, and plenty more - just check out the index at the right side of this page!

In other news, we would like to mention the fact that we've totally redesigned our website and added new outlets into the mix. You might already know about our Magazine, Podcast and Blitz news blog, but you may not be aware of the new additions. Introducing: GuildMag Visions - a place for opinionated reviews and community updates from the GuildMag staff - GuildMag Features - where we can bring our loyal fans loads of downloadable goodies - and GuildMag Videos - where our current and future videos of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 can be found. Every week we'll try to bring you at least one opinionated blog regarding all kinds of subjects written by different team members, ranging from official news releases to things we would just like to share with you. Also part of Visions is our Community Roundup by Valiant, in which he searches all the happenings of the community over the past week and gives a little description as to what it entails. It's definitely worth checking out if you want to keep up to date on everything Guild Wars. Features and Videos will be less regular, but we're looking into any options to expand our offerings for you. In any case, be sure to check out and see if you like what you see! Try and use the icons up on top to navigate to our different outlets and you may be surprised by the quality stuff that our team produces!


-Dutch Sunshine

This issue:

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