GuildMag issue #6



GuildMag Showdown: Prince Rurik vs Master Togo

Welcome to GuildMag Showdown, where in each issue we will bring you a face-off between two of Guild Wars' most unlikely characters. This month we have cast Ressurection Signet twice for this royal rumble between two blue-blooded men of valor: Prince Rurik of Ascalon and Master Togo of Cantha.


The Fighters


Prince Rurik


As a boy he "spent much time in these lands", but after dying, being reanimated into a minion of The Lich and being killed again, we have brought him back only to do battle once more. It all went down hill for Rurik after being exiled from his home by his father, King Adelbern, only to later be beheaded by Dagnar Stonepate while crossing The Shiverpeaks. This was not the end for Rurik however. The sinister Lich reanimated the prince into his own undead minion. But on the dark plains of the Ring of Fire Island Chain, Rurik was finally slain by a certain hero...


Master Togo

In his youth, Togo did small things such as ending an entire war. But in his old age he became the head of the Shing Jea Monastrey















This ancient, flaming orrian blade predates the Exodus of the Gods and never leaves Rurik's side, for now atleast...


A simple staff, powerful in the hands of any experienced caster.


Advantage: Prince Rurik

Armour Type



Heavy plate armour covers Rurik's flesh from harm.


Thin robes provide little protection but allow for easy movement and spellcasting.

Advantage: Prince Rurik



Defensive Stance, Endure Pain and Healing Signet

Rurik only uses a small number of skills, relying on self-preservation rather than offensive power.

Recuperation, Spirit Burn, Spirit Rift, Vengeful was Khanhei, Vengeful Weapon

Recuperation, Spirit Burn, Spirit Rift, Vengeful was Khanhei, Vengeful Weapon

Advantage: Master Togo

Special Ability


Ascalonian Fury

After his home being destroyed, his lover being killed, being exiled, being killed, being reanimated, and being killed again, one might say Rurik could be a little angry now we have resurrected him once again only for him to have to fight.


Master's Patience

Years of teaching has given Master Togo extreme patience; however, this has also left him with a lackluster sense of timing. In a condition similar to that of Orion, Togo often casts spells at awkward times (most often Spirit Rift when the battle is close to finishing) making it useless.

Advantage: Prince Rurik




Prince Rurik


Rurik's superior armour and weapons, along with the fury of a twice-dead exiled prince, easily make up for his lack of skills against Togo's superior arsenal, making him the winner of the first GuildMag Showdown. A fine battle indeed...

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